Master painting large format watercolors & express yourself differently by learning my EXACT tools & techniques.

You may already know this... Painting large format watercolors is entirely different than making smaller watercolor artworks.

Watercolors on a large scale is like a completely different medium. Supplies, techniques, your body movement, your relationship with time... They all present different challenges.

At this point, it is obvious that you are realizing that you need to:
Master the skills + confidence to paint evocative watercolor landscapes on larger formats like half and full imperial-size sheets
Express your creative self in an expansive way
Feel the pleasure of seeing your large paintings hang in your homes, and in your collectors' 
Get over the fear of a large, blank sheet of watercolor
Get over the anxiety of messing up & wasting expensive sheets of watercolor paper
Learn how to monetize large watercolor paintings
Learn how to price and market large watercolor paintings
Embody the abundance mindset of a thriving, in-demand artist

And that is exactly what you'll learn in this course!

Here's why you might want to paint large format watercolors:
 You're craving more freedom of movement and liberation in your paintings and creative style
You desire to be a masterful artist and take your skills to the next level
You want to submit your artworks to watercolor exhibitions & competitions and most of them require you to submit a half or full imperial sheet painting
You want to charge more for your artworks when you sell them
You feel stuck making smaller paintings and you want to feel liberated by painting on a larger area
You want to create more impactful artworks for galleries, your own home or your art collectors
You will 100% create in an entirely different way on larger surfaces than you do currently on smaller surfaces

You can already feel the stirrings to create in an expansive way, can you not?

Literally for the first time ever, I'm sharing the exact steps for Painting Large Watercolors. You will learn:
 Exactly which supplies to use without wasting $$$ on them. Trust me, they're different than the ones you use for smaller watercolor paintings
How to master watercolor techniques for larger formats - composition, intuitive color-mixing, washes, wet-in-wet, brush movements, body movement, managing drying times & paper wetness, etc.
How to remove the fear + anxiety of wasting expensive watercolor sheets, the fear of blank paper, and any other worry from deep within your subconscious mind
How to gradually build your confidence from painting a quarter imperial sheet (11x15 inches), to half imperial sheets (22x15 inches) to, finally, full imperial sheets (22x30 inches)
Mindset shifts to create prolifically, charge more for your artworks and BE an abundant artist.

Along with that, in bonus lessons you'll learn:
 How to price and market large format paintings
Different ways of monetizing your large artworks to attract high-quality collectors, creating a passive stream of income, etc. so that you're inspired + have the action steps to take creative business revenue to the next level

This course is for you if:
 You deeply desire to paint in a more expressive, expansive way
You crave a full range of movement while painting, to get your whole body behind it
You want to charge higher prices for your artworks and earn more revenue in your creative business
You want to submit your artworks to esteemed watercolor competitions and exhibitions and WIN!
You want to cater to art collectors who want large paintings for their spaces
You are curious to see how to you paint differently and in a more elevated way on larger surfaces
You want to be bold and fearless in your creative expression
You are willing to take 100% responsibility and commit to the work needed to become a masterful watercolor artist
You are willing to trust that I will channel this course for you in the best way possible, and that by signing up you are exactly where you are meant to be.

I'm bringing you a brand new experience... Presenting concepts I've never taught before. 


My goal is to literally spoon-feed you the instructions while also making you feel safe to embody your own unique creative expression.



  • You'll learn 5 landscape subjects with gradual progression from a quarter imperial sheet (11x15 inches), to two half imperial sheets (22x15 inches) to, finally, two full imperial sheets (22x30 inches)
  • Detailed instructions on supplies, techniques, color-mixing, body movements and the right mindset
  • Powerful tools to remove anxiety and fear from your body in *real time* so that you can paint calmly
  • Homework assignments to help you *apply* what you're learning in the classes so that you can create in YOUR style
  • 4 camera angles giving you an unfiltered view of my entire painting process - from paper, color-mixing on my palette, brushwork and my thought-process. 
  • You'll walk away from this course with 10 large-format paintings ready to sell, display and submit to art exhibitions.


  • 4 weeks in an exclusive FB group (May 3rd to May 31st, 2024)
  • Weekly challenges with prizes - you complete the challenges by doing exciting art activities and submitting your homework paintings in our Accountability System and FB community.
  • Accountability for assignment paintings - get back to painting large paintings effortlessly and prolifically!
  • Critiques on your submissions
  • Live Q&A with Trupti in the FB group (Ask me anything! No gatekeeping here!)
  • Community, new friendships and growing without feeling isolated.

I'm Trupti Karjinni, watercolor artist, creative coach, educator and Founder of Blue Pine Arts. I have the honor of teaching & empowering over 35,000 students all across the globe how to paint fearlessly with watercolors. 

Following my creative calling with watercolors gave me confidence to move countries, a multi-faceted 6-figure business and a beautiful, abundant life. I can do this for you too.

Painting Large Watercolors is the fastest, most effortless way and cost-cutting way to painting large formats without wasting hundreds of dollars worth of art supplies (because painting big costs, well, a lot more paper + paint + brushes than you are used to.)

I would like you to save that extra moolah for more art supplies that’ll be made into magical paintings that results in more income + prosperity for you.

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