Paint large-format watercolor landscapes with unshakeable confidence by learning my *exact* tools and techniques.


  • being able to confidently paint evocative landscapes on larger formats like half and full imperial-size sheets
  • looking at a big, blank watercolor paper and feeling a playful invitation instead of paralyzing fear
  • charging higher for your artworks and make more income
  • people telling you “it’s like I’m IN your paintings! I must have it in my space!”
  • feeling the *pinch-me* pleasure of seeing your framed large paintings hang in your house, your collectors’ spaces, galleries and international watercolor exhibitions
  • dropping into a relaxed flow state & partnering with watercolors every time you paint, instead of contracting in fear and making a blotchy mess
  • boldly submitting your watercolors to esteemed watercolor competitions and exhibitions, and WINNING!

This isn’t an unattainable fantasy.

Hand-on-heart, this can be YOU.

You can be THAT artist.

Who am I to know that?

I’m Trupti, your resident ADHD watercolor nerd.

I’ve got a few flexes: I’m an international artist who has painted and sold large-format watercolour landscapes over the last 5 years… taught painting to 40,000+ students across the world, designed world-renowned professional watercolour supplies at Blue Pine Arts, and earned multiple 6-figures revenue with my creative offerings.

That’s all to say: I know watercolor painting that opens hearts and moves big money.

But I wasn’t born some kind of a watercolor genius. (I am an Industrial & Production Engineer with a diploma in creative writing.)

In fact, I didn’t even pick up watercolors until I was 25 and on the verge of quitting my soul-sucking corporate job.

And I am pathologically allergic to soul-less, complicated watercolor advice that simply doesn’t work for neurodivergent brains like ours. We need all the details and the vibes, amirite? Gimme the easiest, laziest way out gah!

Since I literally couldn’t find one single resource to specifically paint huge watercolor landscapes, I had to cobble together my own education on how to paint large with watercolors in a deep flow state, without compromising on heart and soul.

You can learn to paint big just as well, too. To be sure, this is a skill, and 100% attainable through knowing some solid, heart-centered watercolor principles and practicing.

My own process of painting large and selling them for higher prices took 3.5 years of trial and error.

I have distilled everything I learned over that period into simple and actionable steps, so you can achieve the same results in 2 months instead of years.

Don’t get me wrong - true mastery will take time and ongoing devotion to watercolor exploration.

Everyone progresses at their own pace, which is perfectly fine. Besides, faster isn’t always better. But you don’t have 3.5 years just to learn how to paint large-format watercolors, do you?

You genuinely can save yourself years of unnecessary mistakes, wasted $$$ in professional art supplies (let’s be honest, they ain’t really cheap), and you can have everything you need to (1) fix some of the biggest issues in your techniques & color-mixing, (2) rewire some of your most stuck patterns, and (3) start to see some big-ass results in just 6 weeks.

That’s exactly what my signature watercolor course, Panting Large Watercolors (PLW), is designed for!

Wanna know more? Here's what's inside the course

Literally for the first time ever, I'm sharing fastest, most effortless, and cost-cutting way to paint large formats without wasting hundreds of dollars worth of art supplies

Evocative Landscape Mastery: FIVE masterclasses on 5 captivating landscape subjects, each designed to elevate your brushwork + color-mixing skills and reprogram your muscle memory so that you can paint in that flow state.

Assignments & Reference Pictures: You will actually apply what you learn with inspiring reference pictures in each class to help you develop your own authentic style.

Unfiltered Insights: With four camera angles, you'll get an up-close-and-personal view of my entire painting process—no secrets, just pure magic at at extraordinary detail.

My Exact Supplies: Say goodbye to wasted dollars on the wrong materials! I'll reveal the essential tools specifically tailored for large watercolor paintings.

Masterful Techniques: From composition to intuitive color-mixing to combining reference pictures, you'll learn it all. You’ll master washes, wet-in-wet, brush movements, body movement, managing drying times & paper wetness, etc. on quarter, half, and full imperial sheets. 

Banishing Fear and Anxiety: Blank paper syndrome? Fear of messing up? We'll tackle those pesky worries head-on and replace them with confidence and calm using awesome nervous system regulating tools. 

Progressive Confidence Building: You’ll start with smaller paintings on purpose, and watch your skills soar as we gradually tackle larger pieces of paper together. We’ll do it slowly, which is a GOOD thing.

Mindset Shifts: Create prolifically, charge more for your artworks and BE an abundant artist.

Yep, these are the exact paintings you'll learn in PLW.

Walk away from Painting Large Watercolors (PLW) with 10 large-format artworks ready to sell, display and submit to art exhibitions.

Hold on, there are bonuses

(Pretty damn fantastic ones, too. Each one is a masterclass on its own!)
BONUS # 1 - Painting Adventures Live Event (June 1 - 30, 2024)
Join me in a 4-week live extravaganza of groundbreaking neuroscience-backed quests, insights and action designed to help you implement everything you learn in PLW!

BONUS # 2 - How to price and market large format paintings [COMING SOON]

BONUS # 3 - Monetizing large artworks
Action steps to attract high-quality collectors and create a passive stream of income with your large watercolor landscapes. so that you take your creative business revenue to the next level. [COMING SOON]

Let's get something clear...

YES, Painting Large Watercolors is a self-paced course with lifetime access which you can watch many times as you want! 

BUT let’s be real tho - implementing is where you get stuck, right? This is why I’m hosting the Painting Adventures live event (previously known as Summer Paint Party).

It’s a 4-week intensive group adventure where you will go on actual quests & fun challenges, all designed to help you finish the PLW course, create a stack of paintings and get sustainable dopamine hits of progress.

(One of my superpowers is attracting an amazing group of students who become genuine friends, supporters, referrals, and cheerleaders for each other. I’m not sure how it happens, but it does, every time!)

Our live events are legendary for packing in fun while also giving you quantum leaps of progress in your art journey.


  • DATES: Saturday, June 1 - Sunday, June 30 (4 weeks total)

  • You’ll get the Painting Adventures Playbook that has simple + playful prompts and QUESTS that you'll go on in your real life, all of which are designed to help you finish the paintings in the PLW course, grow your social media following and sell your big paintings.

  • Of course, a whole lot of Blue Pine Arts watercolor prizes for each of the quests!

  • You get four live Q&A’s with me where I’ll be answering your questions and coaching you to break your stuck patterns (dates TBA and will be optimized for different time zones around the world; all Q&A'S recorded + replays available)

  • Access to a private, pop-up Facebook group for the length of the live event (June 1 - 30). This is where so much of the juicy learning and community interaction happens, and Trupti is deeply present and engaged in the Facebook group. You are highly encouraged to participate, even if you don’t normally do Facebook.

By the end of this month-long riot of fun, you’ll walk away with

  • A body of large watercolor paintings ready to frame and sell, or submit to watercolor exhibitions/galleries
  • The intense relief of knowing how to talk about your artwork to attract collectors
  • A smug smile of knowing that a big, blank sheet of watercolor paper will NEVER intimidate you again
  • The skills and confidence to charge higher for your large, statement watercolor paintings
  • Feeling unapologetic in expressing yourself boldly on large formats
  • A powerful arsenal of 5-minute nervous-system regulating tools that you’ll be using for the rest of your life to get out of fear and get into flow state
  • That unshakeable confidence of mixing color like a pro and effortlessly painting at large scales

    4 whole weeks of implementing the shit out of this course. With me as your mentor + cheerleader. YES

    Ready to paint some outstanding large landscapes?

Praise for Trupti's courses &

amazing student results

Supplies List

We made a comprehensive list of all the supplies you’ll need to paint large.

When you sign up for Painting Large Watercolors, you’ll receive a 20% off student discount on all the Blue Pine Arts professional supplies recommended in the list.


So which 5 painting will you be learning in Painting Large Watercolors?


This signature subject in my artworks put me on the map and made me over 6-figures in income.

This subject also helps you master core watercolor techniques and color values. Let's paint this on a quarter Imperial sheet (11"x15") to start your large painting journey gently.


This is the easiest subject that scales really well. Which is why you'll be painting this on a half Imperial sheet (22"x15").

You will master how to combine multiple reference pictures to create a unique piece of art, how to use contrast in your paintings to create light, and learn to work WITH watercolor instead of fighting its natural flow.

You will also learn how to fix blotchy mistakes and regain control of your artwork.


Dramatic skies add movement and atmosphere to any painting and once you master this, people will look at your landscape and say "It's like I'm standing right inside your painting!"

In this class, you'll paint this dramatic sunrise on a half Imperial Plus sheet (26"x16"), and you'll find out how to use sketchbooks to problem-solve your reference pictures, how to capture soft  light in your paintings, and how to speed-mix colors.


This is the simplest-yet-most-impactful painting on a large scale. That's why this is your first full Imperial sheet (22"x30") painting.

This class will make you a pro in painting with the right values and creating immense perspective + scale in your landscapes.


This is the final painting you'll make on a full Imperial Plus sheet (33"x26") painting.

This subject builds on everything you've learnt in the previous classes. You'll learn how to capture blazing light at such a large scale, use contrast to add drama and play with textures to infuse LIFE in your landscapes.

After this class, you'll be mixing colors without even thinking about it.


If you have any questions that are not answered here, please email us at and we'd be happy to help. :)

  • What exactly is the difference between Painting Large Watercolors and Painting Adventures live event?
    Painting Large Watercolors is the main self-paced course that gives you lifetime access to the 5 masterclasses + bonuses.

    Painting Adventures is a playful, good-dopamine-giving implementation guide I’ve created to help you implement what you’re learning in PLW, because (1) this is the only way my neurospicy brain knows to grow in anything I learn, (2) why would you want to pay for this amazing course and let it collect dust? Let’s implement the shit out of it.

    Painting Adventures a 4-week live group adventure where you will go on actual quests & fun challenges in your real world, all designed to help you finish the PLW course, create & sell a stack of paintings and get sustainable dopamine hits of progress.

    Once the live event is over, you’ll get to keep the fun playbook and go on quests any time you want!
  • How do I purchase Painting Adventures without Painting Large Watercolors?
    You can’t, sorry! Painting Adventures is a live event + playbook that is designed specifically to help PLW students implement the course.

    If you’re serious about painting big and getting back on track with painting prolifically, I highly recommend enrolling in PLW and getting the free ticket to PA. You get to keep everything with a lifetime access and we offer payment plans.
  • Are you going to offer this again? Will the course be available to purchase later?
    I have no plans yet to offer Painting Adventures live again, but you can always purchase Painting Large Watercolors course any time you’d like and get Painting Adventures as a self-study version.

    The main difference is the ability to join the weekly live calls and having access to the poop-up Facebook group (which will run June 1-30). All these live calls will be uploaded to the PLW course content eventually.

    You will miss out on getting access to my deep support for a whole month, and the tremendous amount of accountability of ACTUALLY making art with new watercolor besties. The live atmosphere is unmatched.

    I'm bringing you a brand new experience... Presenting concepts I've never taught before.

    My goal is to literally spoon-feed you the instructions while also making you feel safe to embody your own unique creative expression. Join PLW today and let's do this.
  • When’s the deadline to join?
    You can join PLW and get a free ticket to the Painting Adventures live event anytime between now and June 30.

    After that, you can purchase the PLW course anytime, but you'll have missed out on the live experience, and won’t have access to the Painting Adventures Facebook group. You will, however, get to keep the self-study version of the Painting Adventures Playbook.
  • How long will I have access to the course material?
    You’ll have lifetime access to the PLW course via our course portal, Kajabi, and be in our general students Facebook group. The Painting Adventures pop-up Facebook group will be archived (meaning you can read all content but you cannot make new posts or comment) after the live session ends on June 30, 2024.
  • Is PLW suitable for beginners?
    If you are an absolute beginner who has rarely painted with watercolors, you might want to sign up for my Mastering Watercolor Landscapes bundle ( before progressing to Painting Large Watercolors (PLW).

    If you're an advancing beginner/intermediate watercolor artist who is serious about making larger paintings, mastering your skills, charging higher prices for your artworks and earning more revenue in your creative business, upgrading your mindset and stepping into your thriving artist identity, PLW was created for you specifically!

    This is for you if you're tired of not creating regularly lately, fell stuck/stagnant with painting small artworks, and you're craving paint in a more expressive, expansive way.
  • I haven’t made a painting bigger than 8”X10”. Will I REALLY be able to paint big in Painting Large Watercolors?
    ABSOLUTELY! I designed the curriculum to specifically take you on a progressive learning path.

    Meaning you won’t directly paint on big sheets right away!

    You’ll begin by painting on a quarter Imperial sheet (11”x14”), progressing to painting on two half Imperial sheets (22”x15”) and a full Imperial sheet (22”x30”), graduating all the way to a full Imperial Plus sheet (33”x26”).

    To be sure, developing your large painting skills will take continued devotion to practicing. Which is why the course is set up for you to make practice paintings, final class paintings and assignment paintings!

    And if you join us for the month-long Painting Adventures live event, there is no doubt you’ll be making spectacular large landscapes within 4 weeks.
  • What supplies will I need for the course?
    Here’s a comprehensive list of all the supplies you’ll need to paint large -

    When you sign up for Painting Large Watercolors, you’ll receive a 20% off student discount on all the Blue Pine Arts professional supplies recommended in the supplies list.
  • Do you teach how to build an art business?
    This is not a business-focused program but YES I will be sharing simple, actionable and madly-effective steps to sell your large paintings in the Painting Adventures live event.

    I will also be sharing how to talk about your work and how to grow a social media following of collectors.

    It’ll all be in your Painting Adventures playbook.

    But the core of Painting Large Watercolors is that it’s a painting skills-teaching course, suitable for those who aren’t interested in selling or growing their social media.

    I’m in! Is there any pre-work I need to do to prepare?

    Superb! Once you enroll, download the supplies list and start gathering the tools you need (you also get a 20% off student discount on all the recommended Blue Pine Arts supplies.)

    And then keep an eye on our emails from []( to begin the Painting Adventures live event!
  • Are you offering a money-back guarantee for this course?
    No - all sales are final.
  • How long do I get access to the PLW course?
    Lifetime access, babyyyyy! Once you sign up, you'll get lifetime access to all the classes.

    Watch as many times as you want, anytime, anywhere, especially on the Kajabi app! It doesn't get better than this!

    This is a go-at-your-own-pace resource with lifetime access. Take as much time as you need, and revisit the content as many times as you wish.
    You will also have continual access to the student-led FB community until any further updates.

    If you sign up before June 30th, you’ll also get access to the Painting Adventures pop-up FB group until it is archived.

I'm bringing you a brand new experience... Presenting concepts I've never taught before. 


My goal is to literally spoon-feed you the instructions while also making you feel safe to embody your own unique creative expression.

Nuts + bolts of what you get:


  • You'll learn 5 landscape subjects with gradual progression from a quarter imperial sheet (11x15 inches), to two half imperial sheets (22x15 inches) to, finally, two full imperial sheets (22x30 inches)
  • Detailed instructions on supplies, techniques, color-mixing, body movements and the right mindset
  • Powerful tools to remove anxiety and fear from your body in *real time* so that you can paint calmly
  • Homework assignments to help you *apply* what you're learning in the classes so that you can create in YOUR style
  • 4 camera angles giving you an unfiltered view of my entire painting process - from paper, color-mixing on my palette, brushwork and my thought-process. 
  • You'll walk away from this course with 10 large-format paintings ready to sell, display and submit to art exhibitions.


  • 4 weeks in an exclusive FB group (June 1 - 30, 2024)
  • Painting Adventures Playbook with quests & challenges with prizes - you complete the challenges by doing exciting art activities and submitting your homework paintings in our Accountability System and FB community.
  • Accountability for assignment paintings - get back to painting large paintings effortlessly and prolifically!
  • Critiques on your submissions
  • Live Q&A with Trupti in the FB group (Ask me anything! No gatekeeping here!)
  • Community, new friendships and growing without feeling isolated.

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